Poem: The Girl Guide Blues

Written by Selika Monteiro, leader, 6th South & Upper Norwood Rainbows

The Girl Guide Blues

I’m starting soon at Rainbows, and I’m feeling sort of red.

I’m feeling rather shy and nervous, even a bit scared.

Will I make some brand new friends, is it going to be hard?

Will I get to learn new things, and enjoy it from the start?

Today I started Rainbows, and I just can’t help but smile.

The other Rainbows looked after me, for more than a little while.

I really loved the singing, and the fun games that we played.

I can’t wait to get my very first badge, I’m so glad that I stayed.

I’m starting soon at Brownies, and I’m feeling rather yellow.

Will it be a lot of fun, or will I stay feeling mellow?

Will I have lots of things to do, and will there be others my age?

School can sometimes be boring, is Brownies to be the same?

Today I started Brownies, and I’m filled with utter delight.

I’ve already made a lot of friends, and they’re all very caring and bright.

We all have a laugh together, and it’s nothing like being at school.

I love going to Brownies, it's super and it's cool.

I’m starting soon at Guides, and I’m feeling really blue.

I’m scared that I will be bored, or I won't know what to do.

I’m not sure if I can be bothered, or if it's worth my time.

But maybe all my feelings are giving me a sign?

Today I started Guides, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

I feel like I entered a marathon, got to the end and won!

I’ve gone on some amazing trips, and have never been in danger.

I’m hoping one day I can inspire young girls, if I move on to be a Ranger.

So never suffer from the Girl Guide Blues, we learn, we play and we care.

You’ll take away experiences that you'll treasure forever and share.

You won’t just leave with nice new friends, but you’ll be as happy as can be.

Because we are more than just a community of girls, we are one big amazing Girlguiding family!

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