Queens Guide Award Follow along

Written by Ellie Barton

Hi, I’m Ellie and I'm new to The Hive writing team and I’m currently working on my Queen’s Guide award. I’m starting a new series where you can follow along my journey! I hope you’re excited, let us know on the socials any experiences you’ve had while completing yours.

I’ve only started mine recently, so for the first blog I wanted to go through what I’ve done so far.

Service in Guiding

For this section I’ve completed element 3, for this I helped in the planning and running of a sleepover event in my county. I got the opportunity to design a badge that now has been earnt by nearly 500 members! This has been such an amazing opportunity that am so grateful to have to experience.

This is the badge I designed for the event! I had so much fun doing this and going through different ideas throughout the design stages. I learnt a lot from doing this event, such as communication. I had never worked as part of the team for an even before, so this was a big challenge but through talking to the people I was working with for the event really helped me complete everything I needed to. I also learnt a lot about editing, I had never really edited before this, but it was something I managed to pick up.

It was such a surreal moment the other day when I saw one of my brownies had this badge sewn to their jumper!

Outdoor challenge

For Outdoor challenge 2 me and a group of girls completed the ‘A-Z exploration’ where we all went to a place beginning of each letter of the alphabet. We included some things like ‘kahoot night’ which was very fun. It was a fun experience to get to know the girls and to do all the fun activities.

I loved doing this activity although I had some favourites, such as the letter g which we got together over zoom and held a ‘games night’ we had a kahoot quiz based on our locations and then did a few others we found. It was a good night where we got to know each over and had a bit of fun! I also enjoyed doing some walks to places in my area and challenges around my area, such as for y I counted how many ‘yellow’ cars I saw over the 3 days of my walking. I found 17! While on one of my walks for P I got this lovely photo of sunset.

These are the only parts I have signed off so far, but I am working on many other parts, such as:

Service in guiding, element one- for this you need to complete 60 hours towards a guiding service, I chose to do this as a young leader in 3 units so I’m looking at being done to sign this section off.

For element two of service in guiding I’m helping with another sleepover for rangers and young leaders which is going to be taking place soon.

For community action my project is women in STEM which so far has been interesting to learn about.

I’ve only recently started my Queens Guide award, so I’ve got plenty of time to do everything else so no need to worry about time yet. If you want to complete your award talk to your leader, you need to be over 16 and you have 3 years to complete. If you’re looking for a challenge this is the perfect thing to do! Let us know if you do decide to do it, we’d love to hear how you do! If you’ve already done it or are currently working on it and have an experience, you’d like to share we’d love to hear it!

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