Shrove Tuesday with a twist!

Written by Alice Christian

I am a young leader at a small but very boisterous Guide unit, and this year the leaders gave me the task of organising the activities for Pancake Day. I find that when given the opportunity to work in the kitchen, we always make sweet thing s- I know from the camp I ran when doing my Camp Permit that making pancakes never goes well (particularly at the flipping stage), so this year I decided that we should try something savoury but equally tasty!

I thought that it would be a good idea to make tiny pizzas using puff pastry instead of pizza dough. I called the girls into the kitchen in small groups (while the others did some UMAs), and showed them each stage of making the pizzas. I explained that it linked to Pancake Day, as we were using up lots of nice things like herbs and the fancy, pre-grated cheese I bought, that not all people have the luxury of using.

Afterwards, all the girls told me that they enjoyed the activity and that they would happily do it again. However, their favourite part was eating the pizzas at the end (despite some strange combinations of toppings). One of the newer Guides even came up to me the next week and told me that she’d made some with her family because she liked it so much and that they would all be doing it again!

Have you tried giving more traditional activities a twist like Alice has? Or have you done anything interesting with your unit lately? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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