Summer of Badges: August

Written by Ellie Barton

I’m back! So let’s get started on a new load of badges for August (I’m starting to feel bad for my leader as she has to look through all this after summer). Unfortunately I was unable to do the Bushcraft badge, which is the Badge of the Month, but I got to try out two new badges instead!

It’s halfway through the month and I haven’t had time to do a badge yet - but I go to Wellies & Wristbands in 10 days, so...

First, I'll try out Festival Goer!

So, for the first part, I wrote a list of meals that you could make at a festival or camp. I thought of a few options like jacket potatoes or a peanut butter & banana wrap - I’ve given a few of my options a try and they seem quite tasty.

I had to take a break from that one as I don’t have as much time this month (you'll have to wait to see what the rest of the badge entails for me!) but you can find the full details of the Festival Goer badge here.

Next, the Self Care badge!

First of all, I looked at what spare time I had by making a table that showed me what I did during the week, and I realised that I actually have a lot of spare time. Other than my awkward sleep schedule, I figured out that I could get a full time job.

For part two, I’ve planned a self care night for tonight. I had a shower, washed my hair, used a hair & face mask and then got an early night. I want to try and do this every other week, so that I make more time for myself.

For the third part, I sat out in the garden and had a little picnic - this was such good fun and I would love to do it again!

One tip I have for doing this badge would be to make a table to show how you spend your time, like I did. Although I don’t really have that much to do during my average week in summer, it was hard to think of how I spent my time. But when I wrote it out into a timetable, it was easier to visualise and made more sense.

You can find the full details of the Self Care badge here

Although I could only find the time for one badge this month, I really enjoyed completing the Self Care badge and starting the Festival Goer badge too!

If you've tried any of these badges, let us know on our Facebook and Instagram channels!

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