The 3rd Rainham North and 3rd Lamorbey Brownies trip to London

London Eye 2

The 3rd Rainham North and 3rd Lamorbey Brownies trip to London

By Millie L, Isla P, Ellen and Sophia

Our brownie group met at Gillingham station and we all got a label with all of the leader’s phone numbers on. We got into partners and boarded the train. The train journey took about an hour and we had snacks, magazines and some quiz sheets to keep us busy.

When we got off the train we went over a bridge to the London Eye. Before we got onto the London Eye we met 3rd Lamorbey brownies. Soon after we got onto the London Eye and the other group got on just before we did. At the top we all said our brownie promise. The London Eye took around twenty minutes to get around it once. Some us were quite nervous, especially some of the leaders!

Next we took the London Clipper along the Thames to Greenwich. It went really fast! Some of us sat outside on the back of the boat and watched the water splash as we zoomed past all the other boats almost as fast as Mo Fara can run!

When we got off the boat we went to a museum full of lots of different exciting things to look at. There was a puzzle some of us tried, a phone that told you information about the portraits and many models to see too.

We ate lunch in a big field by the museum. We got given bracelets made of pipe cleaners and beads. Each brownie was given one color of beads on their bracelet. We had to make friends with the other brownies and then swap a bead.We also had fact finding worksheets about one another. At the end of the activities we all had beautiful mulitcoloured bracelets and lots of new friends. We carried on eating the rest of our lunch. Before long we were all doing cartwheels and running around the field. As an extra special treat Brown Owl bought us all a lolly and the leaders enjoyed a cup of tea!

We went to the Greenwich Maritime Museum children’s zone where we shot cannons and even tried Morse code! We also found a mirror and when we came close to it we looked normal but when we walked away from it we looked strange! We also used a toy crane to get different sacks into the cargo ship!

London Eye

We went into the gift shop where we spent some of our money almost everyone got a lollypop and something that flashed. We got back on the boat and we went under Tower Bridge as it had been raised for a tall ship. Very exciting!

Back at the station we got onto a train. It began to rain really badly when we were on the train. Soon we were back at the station and we met our mums and dads there. Everybody really enjoyed their day.

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