Top 5 winter holiday badges

Written by Ellie Barton

Hello Hivers, we’ve put together some badges to do over the holidays! These are our top five,

First of all we obviously have the Growing up wild in winter. As it’s winter we’ve got the perfect conditions for this badge! And the great thing about the Growing up wild badges is you can choose your own challenges! What are you going to choose? A winter walk, researching some winter birds and trying to find them or even making your own winter wonderland! Growing up wild in the winter badge

Next we have the Fareshare shout about food waste. Over the festive period we have a lot of food, but we don’t always eat it all. Maybe you could make a poster or a way to spread the word to family and friends. And remember there are always food banks or homeless shelters that would appreciate any unopened canned food, check your local ones to see what they accept. Shout about food waste badge

Carrying on from the previous badge, the rest of the Fareshare badges could definitely be completed over the next few weeks! Find a recipe for your leftovers, raise money for food banks or collect food for them!

Love your leftovers badge

Fundraise for fareshare badge

fareshare food collection

If you're looking for foodie inspiration, why not try our recipe book?

Next up is 50 ways to celebrate! This badge is the perfect one to do with so much time on your hands. With 50 challenges in themes of Laugh, Ask, See, Experience and Reflect there’s a range of activities for everyone to have some fun. My personal favourites are the ‘A day in the life’ ones, dress up and experience the decade you wish to have been in the most. 50 ways to celebrate badge

Finally we have the Growing up wild in the snow and ice. If your lucky enough to get snow this year, celebrate! Have a snow fight, build a snow man or make snow angels. I did this one last year and made a snow man and had a snow ball fight. Have a look at my snowman, what should i call her? Growing up wild in snow and ice badge

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