Top Ten Tuesday: Online Learning

Written by The Hive Team

A lot of us have had to adapt to virtual learning over the past year- and it certainly hasn't been easy. Whether it’s poor internet, heaps of work or uncertainty over exams, we know that online schooling can be tough. So we’ve pooled together our top 10 tips to help you do your best and rise to the top of the class!

  1. Practicing time management- we’re starting with a big one, something that a lot of people struggle with. Learning how to manage your time effectively can be the difference between having time to practice self care and working during every waking hour. Create a weekly schedule that will help you stay on track and think practically about how much you can complete in a session.
  2. Create a study space- it can be really difficult to learn in a home environment, as you are not used to taking classes in your living room! Having a space set aside just for study can really help you focus on your classes and it also means that you have everything you need in one space.
  3. Eliminate distractions- it can be really, really easy to want to pick up your phone, reply to that text or check that email during an online class. But just think, you probably wouldn’t do that in front of your teacher in a face-to-face class and this is no different!
  4. Ask if you’re not sure- during online classes, the teacher may not be able to pick up that you are struggling with a certain topic as they would do in-person. This means you have to be even more proactive in asking when you are unsure and reviewing your notes once the class has finished.
  5. Earlier nights- we’ve all been guilty of it, pulling an all-nighter to finish that essay or working on a project until the early hours of the morning. But if you have an 8am class, finishing your school work at 2 or 3 in the morning will mean that you are not refreshed enough to take in lots of new information. Make sure that you get the recommended hours of sleep so that you have enough energy to give school your all.
  6. Take breaks- similarly, it’s really important that you don't work for hours at a time. Whilst it might feel like you’re ‘in-the-zone’, in reality it can be really tiring and so you should break up your sessions by doing something different. Take a walk, chat to a friend or even just take a few deep breaths- anything that gets you away from a screen for a little bit.
  7. Reward yourself- once you’ve finished a particular tough assignment or gotten through a long essay question, give yourself a pat on the back! Don’t just move straight onto the next set of work straight away.
  8. Regularly review your knowledge- it’s easy to just sit at a screen and read notes all day without actually taking in any of the information. By revising the content, practising questions and speaking with friends about different topics, you can make sure that you retain what you need to.
  9. Stay social- in a regular classroom, there would be other pupils who you could talk to. Online classes may make you feel isolated from your peers, so make sure that you check in with them and just have a friendly chat!
  10. If you’re struggling, it’s okay!! This is the most important one, virtual learning is difficult for everyone. You might log onto your social media account and see reams and reams of posts about people thriving online and that’s great, but remember that it’s not like that all the time. A quick poll of our admin team would tell you that we don't always find virtual classes/work a walk in the park! But we would also tell you to reach out if you are struggling with work or need some extra support, as feeling overwhelmed, at home on your own will leave you with little time to look after yourself.

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The Hive team :)

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