Virtual 'Buzzing About Wildflowers' Event

Written by The Hive's 'Buzzing about Wildflowers' Team

Two years ago The Hive hosted our Buzzing about Wildflowers photography event at Kew Gardens, with funding from Grow Wild. We also launched our mobile photography activity pack which is full of ideas and styles to try.

🐝 Download The Hive's Buzzing about Wildflowers mobile photography pack 🐝

To celebrate this, we are holding a Buzzing about Wildflowers virtual event.

This weekend we will be posting bite-sized photography tips from our activity pack onto our Facebook and Instagram, to help you level up your mobile photography skills.

Here's how we'd love you to get involved and complete our Buzzing about Wildflowers challenge!

  • take a look at our mobile photography tips on social media, or take a read through the activity pack
  • try out the different photography styles, using wildflowers, the outdoors and nature as inspiration. If you need some ideas, check out Alexia's blog, where she details flowers she spotted on a woodland walk!
  • you can try as many different styles as you like, but you need to try out and send us at least 5 different photo styles to earn a badge
  • direct message your photos to The Hive's Facebook or Instagram, or email them to Let us know which styles you tried and what you enjoyed. Please include your name and which area you are from (county/region) as well as a completed image consent form
  • we'll share your photos on our socials and you'll get the link to claim your badge!

Please make sure you include a completed image consent form for the event when you send us your images. You can attach this as a file to an email or Facebook message, or send screen shots via Instagram.

We will share your photos throughout this weekend and next week. For those that share their photos with us, you will be sent a link to claim a The Hive badge after the event. Be sure to check our Instagram and Facebook channels and use the hashtag #thehivewildlifechallenge.

We can't wait to see your photos and hope you have fun learning a new skill and getting outdoors!

-The Hive Team

Why are wildflowers so important in the UK?

Flowers are a vital part of wildlife helping not only bees but butterflies, caterpillars, beetles, insects, birds, moths and bats. They provide nectar for bees and butterflies, leaves for caterpillars and beetles to eat and hide in, insects hibernate in stems, they produce a scent which helps attract moths further helping to attract bats and their seeds become a source of food for birds! They are keeping bees alive while they busily pollinate the flowers. So keeping your garden with wildflowers not only looks amazing, you also know you’re helping a whole ecosystem to survive.

Some common wildflowers you may have seen include Corncockle, Pyramid orchid, Cow Parsley, Daisies and Ramsons. You might recognise a few below:

Slowly we are seeing less wildflowers so taking photos and trying to encourage their survival is fundamental. Wildflowers grow best on unproductive soil so not mowing the lawn and avoiding vigorous grasses is the best start. Long grass is great for starting a wildflower meadow (mini or big) and the best time to sow your meadow is in autumn. While not all of us can create our own wildlife meadow, maintaining wildflowers in your area can be great.

Trimming wildflowers each season can often be helpful in sustaining growing flowers but as the name says - once sprouted, wildflowers are pretty wild and self-sufficient. Often woodland with a large variety of wildflowers are affected by footpaths created where they’re not supposed to be. Keeping to footpaths and not constantly mowing grass (often farmers need to for livestock) is a great way to see wildflowers more in your area!

We would love to see what you can discover and what photos you take, so make sure to get involved!

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