West Ham Division's '24hr Around the World'

When lockdown first started, the West Ham Division couldn't sit back! Leaders immediately put their thinking caps on and started organising for a virtual sleepover - and what a success that was! Summer came along and there were so many plans to be re-planned. Guides were supposed to go to "Come to Camp" and in July the was the Division Brownie Camp. We couldn't let our girls down, so we organised a "24hr Around the World" adventure for the Division! Storytime for Rainbows and Brownies, Beasty Beasts for Guides to name a few, drumming and animals to engage with online, but to make a "Flying Carpet" get to each event will be the biggest Adventure! We thought outside the box to create a time for our Division to feel united and keep together. We've seen each other every week, which has given us the support and friendship that is needed. We've even had our MP Lyn Brown and our Deputy Mayor chatting to us.

Yes, Girlguiding is a family, not just for our youngster, but for us the leaders and our families.

Thank you to all the leaders of West Ham!

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