Women in STEM Q&A!

Written by Ellie Barton

Soon we are going to be hosting a Q&A with some amazing women in STEM and we need your questions! What would you ask a…

  • Biomedical Scientist?
  • Laboratory Administration Assistant?
  • Computer Analyst?

Meet Becky

Becky is a Biomedical Scientist working in the virology department at UK Health Security Agency. She’s specifically looking into viral hepatitis diagnosis and research.

She has done a BSc in biomedical science at the university of Wales, followed by a part time MSc in virology at Liverpool John Moores. Currently alongside her work she’s doing a part time PhD at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

In her job Becky has Authored research papers, developed new diagnostic tests and contributed to the COVID-19 response. She also worked in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak in 2014/15. She’s spoken at international conferences and worked on viral hepatitis outbreak management. Along with also working on blood safety projects with NHS Blood & Transplant team.

Meet Safanah

Safanah works in the North Thames Genetic Laboratory as a Laboratory Administration Assistant, which is led by Great Ormond Street hospital.

She has recently completed her MSc in Biomedical Science and specialised in Clinical Biochemistry. Before this she had studied a BSc (Hons) in Biomedicine and certHE in Life Sciences subject Allied to medicine.

Over the years she has also volunteered as a patient befriender at two NHS trusts, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospital NHS trust and King college Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Her roles have her doing things such as; work on a testing service project to provide the public for Whole Genomic Sequencing testing service and booking patients for testing specimen samples for rare diseases or cancer clinical indication and to book the samples in for research purposes and to be used for future research projects. She’s also assisted in the laboratory’s administration office to maintain high quality genetic diagnostic services where she checks all forms are scanned and that the electronic patient records has all details needed from the forms that are present on the record too. Along with much more!

Meet Mary

Mary currently works in a media company, where her role has changed and developed over her time there, her current job title is analyst.

She has completed a degree in computer science at the University of Bath. During her degree she spent a year as a developer in an Investment Bank. She did a Technology Graduate Scheme which she took on 4 roles over two years in various departments such as; testing, development, analysis, infrastructure and operations.

When she first joined the industry on-demand content didn’t exist so she was involved in these changes. Her role involves working with stakeholders to clarify and define their requirements. She also works with a team of developers and testers so she can put together and deliver on the requirements.

So now we need your questions to ask them! You can send us questions through Instagram, Facebook or be emailing us at thehivelaser@girlguidinglaser.org.uk.

Tell us what you’d like us to ask and who your question is for. Make sure you send us the questions by 20 October 2021!

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