Women in STEM organisations

Written by Ellie

Looking for organisations dedicated to getting more women into STEM careers? Look no further! We've added some of our favourites down below. Happy reading!

Wise campaign

  • supports companies on diversity and inclusion
  • working with universities in the UK to bridge the gap between business, industry and education
  • 9 hubs uk wide, based in universities
  • has a range of projects working on currently on key topics such as; mentoring programs working alongside network rail, researching how to get more girls into computing for a ‘gender balancing’ program, the ‘quantifying, and closing, the gender pay gap’ project alongside the royal academy of engineering, the national collaborative outreach project partnership which has people visiting schools in the Thurrock area running events like ‘people like me’ and ‘my skills my life’ helping open eyes to the range of carers in STEM available



  • stemettes mission is to bring more females and non-binary people into STEM and show the diversity of people in STEM already
  • their vision is to have all girls make informed decisions about STEM careers and bring the current 21% of females in the STEM workforce up to 30+%
  • they have had more than 45,000 young people attend events and workshops for free cross uk and Ireland
  • they run many live workshops, most of which are free. They have ones such as on the 23rd of June ‘international women in engineering day 2021’ along with other workshops where you could gain industry recognised qualifications


WES (Women’s Engineering Society)

  • WES created and co-ordinated international women in engineering day which celebrates the achievements of women in engineering and helps encourage more to go into careers like this
  • WES was formed in 1919 on the 23rd of June by a committee from the national council of women, just after the war while women were put into the jobs men were no longer able to do as they were fighting. The women who founded WES resisted leaving these jobs when the men came back as it was a rewarding job for women and to help promote this to other women


WEST (Women in Engineering, Science and Technology)

  • WEST’s goal is to inspire girls and women to study and work in trades such as engineering
  • WEST’s aim is “to advance the education of women and girls in the subjects of science, engineering, technology, the built environment and with particular focus on craft and trade skills so that they may pursue non-traditional careers in these subject areas. This will be through the provision of an annual bursary schema to support students and by supporting and promoting projects and organisations in South Yorkshire that work to encourage women and girls into non-traditional subjects and careers through outreach and liaison work.”


We are tech women

  • we are tech women are working to increase the number of women working in the technology industry, which is currently 12%
  • they have many events, podcasts, blogs and publications to read and look through to help inspire young women
  • they have plenty of education resources, such as courses and links to university courses in technology


Girl geek

  • girl geeks is an organisation to support and develop talents of females in STEM
  • their mission is ‘to support STEM talent in school, college, university and industry. To help address STEM skills shortage by working with employers, partners and educational institutions to attract and retain talent. Build a national network of STEM industry role models and influencers visible to everyone.'

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