A virtual evening with Microsoft

Written by Yvonne Scott

24th Ilford (St Cedds) Brownies had a great virtual evening with Microsoft this term. As a unit we chose the ‘code your own video game’ session, beating out the ‘boost your literacy skills’ session by one vote! The leaders were a bit hesitant as the session was aimed at children age 8 and upwards, but there was no need to worry. The team from Microsoft were great and the process was easy. The girls needed a device to connect with and access to the internet. After we were all logged on to the session, two facilitators introduced themselves to the girls, who quickly found the ‘chat’ busied themselves chatting away to the facilitators and each other. The leaders monitored the chat and were able to stop those who were being over-enthusiastic with their answers, and encourage those who were being kind about someone else.

Each of the girls designed and created a simple individual game with sounds, moving objects, and different backgrounds. The facilitators were on hand to help, and they empowered the girls to fix their own games to make things work the way they wanted them to! Every game was different, and the girls now have their own games to play at home and share with their families and friends. Here’s what some of the Brownies said about the evening:

The best bit was making up a story and designing your own character and making it mine rather than being given something to use. Mine is called 'Princess and the Apple' from Snow White.

— Elayza

This was good and fun. My top tip for other Brownies is to get an adult to help you type in the chat as I couldn’t type quick enough and listen to what the instructor was telling me at the same time. My game is 'Monkey Chase that Doughnut'. I made a massive doughnut and a tiny monkey!

— Lucy

I liked my game it has a score in the corner. I can also change it a bit myself at home so its different each time I play it.

— Kyra

The Pixel Drawings were easy to change and design. My mum said mine looked really good when I had finished it I was pleased with it!

— Dhevi

I enjoyed the coding best and it actually worked at the end!

— Enaya

We are planning to do the literacy session in September either from our own homes or in our hall if we are able to go back by then as we have amazing Wi-Fi at our hall. We will let you know how we get on.

If you would like to organise a similar evening, here is the link https://www.girlguidinglaser.org.uk/news/take-your-unit-to-a-virtual-workshop-with-the-microsoft-store

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