January Badge of the Month: Self Care

Written by The Hive team

Each month we're going to feature a 'Badge of the Month' that members of The Hive can try together. The idea is that even though we're an online group, we can still all come together to do the same thing and share our experiences, tips and thoughts on it.

For our seventh Badge of the Month, we are going to focus on ‘Self Care’, which is a Rangers interest badge. After a hectic Christmas, we all need to learn how to look after ourselves better - perhaps you could make this one of your New Year’s resolutions?

We've set out the syllabus below and would love it if you gave it a go and updated us with your progress. You could send in hints and tips about how you relax and take time out for yourself!


1. Find time

Create something to show how you spend your time. Can you see where you can spare half an hour or more to do something for yourself? Look for free time before or after other commitments to see if you can squeeze in some time for self-care.

2. An evening for you

Relax, unwind and recover. Decide the best way to do this for you. That might be some alone time, or you might want to spend time with others.

Try something new. Perhaps curl up with a new book, be creative or watch a new movie. It could be something you enjoy, something you always look forward to doing or something that excites you.

At the end of the evening, schedule in the next time you’re going to take time for yourself. Begin to build this into your schedule and put it in your calendar regularly.

3. Connect with nature

Decide on what you want to do outside and do it. Maybe a run in the park, a picnic, some cloud spotting, star gazing or gardening?

Read the full syllabus and some more tips on the Girlguiding website, here.

Scheduling time in to look after yourself is very important - just ask our bloggers! Here at The Hive, we have posted various blogs on mental health and dealing with stress. Check them out for some inspiration.

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Happy badging!

The Hive team

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