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10 Tuesday: Top 10 reasons to volunteer for Girlguiding

Thinking about volunteering for Girlguiding or want to know more about it? Read on to find out Sarah's top 10 reasons to join Girlguiding!

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Summer of Badges: July

In this 'mini' blog series, Ellie tells us all about her Summer of Badges! In this edition, she tries out Entrepreneur, Blogging and then Genealogy.

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August Badge of the Month: Bushcraft

Just in time for summer, we're bringing back out Badge of the Month series! Each month we'll be highlighting a badge to inspire you to try something new. This month, we're looking at the Bushcraft badge! Get back to nature and put your newfound skills to the test...

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Hello from The Hive #8
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July Woman of the Month: Amelia Earhart

24 July is Amelia Earhart Day. To celebrate this record-breaking female pilot who loved to crush gender norms and drink hot chocolate at 8,000 feet in her plane, take a look at Sophie's latest Woman of the Month blog.

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Celebrating 50 years since man landed on the moon

This month marks 50 years since the Apollo 11 crew landed on the moon in 1969. Find out how millions of people around the world are celebrating this historic moment!

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10 Tuesday: top 10 summer beauty tips

Sometimes we all feel a bit tired and worn out after a particularly long week, so Ellie has come up with her top 10 tips for a natural summer to make us feel good as new!

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Hello from The Hive #7
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Women beyond suffrage – the fight for equal rights in the 20th century

Many of us have heard the stories or know the Suffragettes, who fought for women's rights in the early 1900s. But what happened next? Here, Sophie tells us about feminist waves from the 1960s to the 2000s and why learning the whole history of women's rights is so important.

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Celebrities challenging the stigma surrounding mental health

For anyone dealing with mental health issues, it can seem impossible to admit to or start seeking help. From J.K Rowling to Princess Diana, in this blog Sophie introduces us to some strong women in the public eye who have shared their own mental health struggles in the hope of reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

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Laura's Adventures in Beekeeping: arriving and settling in

Laura's bees have arrived! Take a look at how they're settling in and why they had to dive bomb with their pollen...

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Get creative with The Hive's Buzzing About Wildflowers mobile photography pack!

From selfies to landscapes, food snaps to wildlife, we all love taking a photo. After hosting a mobile phone photography workshop in March, The Hive have created a downloadable PDF packed with tips and tricks to up your photography game!

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