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Hello from The Hive #15
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Shrove Tuesday with a twist!

Alice talks us through her twist on Shrove Tuesday (hint: it's not pancakes!)

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My guiding family

Kirsty talks about her experiences in guiding and why the friends she has made in guiding mean so much to her!

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March Badge of the Month: Entrepreneur

Badge of the Month number nine! Fancy trying you hand at becoming an entrepreneur? Read on to find out more...

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Hello from The Hive #14
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International Women's Day: what does guiding do for us?

The Girlguiding LaSER Champions have written a blog for International Women's Day- read on to find out more!

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LGBT+ History Month UK

The first half of a two-part mini series which explores LGBT+ History Month - in this part, find out all about the origins of the celebration and what is happening around the UK in 2020!

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Top LGBT+ book recommendations

The second half of a two-part series celebrating LGBT+ History Month. Read on to find our top recommendations for relevant books to read!

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Overcoming fear: my Young Leader experience

Claire has suffered from anxiety when it comes to talking in large groups, but her experience running the opening games at her local unit has helped her overcome this. Read on to find out how she did it!

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February Badge of the Month: Cooking

A new Badge of the Month is here - delve into the 'Cooking' badge and try out all these tasty recipes!

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Hello from The Hive #13
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Want to learn a new skill, be kind to others AND help save the planet? Then find out about making MORSBAGS!

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