Summer of Badges: July

Written by Ellie Barton

So, this summer I have decided to try and get as many badges as possible! Originally, I decided to start at the beginning of my badge book and work through it. But then I decided that I wanted to pick them more randomly, so I wrote them all down, put them into a pot and shook them up.

The first one I picked out was... the Entrepreneur badge!

The first step is to pick a business role model - I picked Kylie Jenner. I did some research into her life and business ventures/fails. I found some good tips that she has given, which are useful for both starting a brand and everyday life in general.

Next, for parts two and three, I made a makeup brand that creates coloured makeup products and pitched my idea to some Instagram makeup artists. I also set about designing a logo and thinking about the logistics of my business in general.

One tip that I have for doing this badge is to pick someone that does something similar to the business you want to design.

Overall, this badge was really fun for me to do. I enjoyed it a lot and would very much recommend giving it a go (if you haven’t done it already!).

You can find the full details for the Entrepreneur badge here.

So, I’ve taken my pot again, shaken it up and the badge I picked is... Blogging!

Well, this is convenient but so much fun to do - I can’t wait! Firstly, I looked into how Huda Kattan deals with negative comments and trolls. She had some good tips that could help in everyday life, such as “it has nothing to do with you” and “let your success do the talking”.

Then I had to design how my blog website would look (if I had one) and I think I designed quite a cute layout! Finally, I had to write five blog posts - maybe you’ll see them soon, maybe you won’t 😉

In my opinion, this was super fun to do but my main tip is to have quite a more general theme instead of a very specific one. For example, if you wanted to write a blog about make up, make 'fashion'your theme so you can do things like clothes too. My theme was 'lifestyle' so it was a little bit of everything. The very first Badge of the Month was on blogging, and it's got all the details you need to try it out yourself - check it out here.

Once again, I’m ready to start a new badge and it is… Genealogy!

This seems very interesting and I’m excited to see what it entails. I looked on the Girlguiding website to see what I had to do and it seems pretty straight forward, so I started straight away.

For the first part, I had to write some statements about myself and decide whether they are nature or nurture. I wrote that I have brown eyes as nature and that I enjoy action films for nurture.

I also did some research on the history of the Giant Panda and how they have evolved. Did you know that they originally came from Spain? I made a timeline from the first known Giant Panda to now. Then I created a family tree - my family tree is complicated, so I chose Kylie Jenner again, as I already knew some information from the other badge (and from watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians').

This one was also quite enjoyable but I struggled with the ‘nature or nurture’ part quite a lot, so I’d recommend asking a friend for suggestions about you to help you get some ideas.

You can find the full details for the Genealogy badge here.

All in all, I enjoyed doing these three badges this month and I would definitely recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already. If you have tried these badges or have any tips, let us know on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

I can’t wait to let you know what badges I get up to next month!

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