Rainbows Go Wild

Over the weekend of 12-13 October 2019, we're asking Rainbow units across our region to take a trip to a zoo, wildlife park, aquarium or other venue where there are animals to see! It'd be great if you could combine it with a sleepover too. To help you do that, we've created an information pack for sleepovers and some activities to do on your day out!

If you missed the call to register your interest, you can still fill out the form here. Please note, though, that some venues may now be unavailable.


Download the packs

Whether you've never held a sleepover for Rainbows or are an old hand, the sleepover pack has everything you need to know (and lots of handy tips!) to help make it a fun, safe event. If you'd like some ideas of things to do with your units while you're out and about visiting the animals, or afterwards, then the venue activity pack is what you need.

Download sleepover pack Download venue pack
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Order the badges

Celebrate the event with the Rainbows Go Wild badge! Orders will be sent out in September.

Download the order form

Print in black and white

Rainbows 2
Sleepover pack

If you'd like a version of the sleepover pack in black and white for printing, click below.

Rainbow And Leader
Venue activity pack

If you'd like a version of the venue pack in black and white for printing, click below.


Other resources

Rainbows Go Wild

Got a question? Hopefully we've answered it here. If not, get in touch!

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Zoo Pic
Information pack

The original information pack we published when the form to register went live.

Mixed Farm
Risk assessment template

Download a risk assessment template for your sleepover and days out.


We've got more activities for your sleepovers and days out, including a book of suggested songs and games, coming later in the year! Keep checking back.

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