Badge of the month summer roundup!

Written by The Hive

This month marks a whole year since we rebooted the Badge of the Month series- we’ve had eleven fantastic badges and seen some remarkable work along the way! We’ve loved figuring out which badge to feature each month (there are so many to choose from!) and hearing all the wonderful things that you have done for it. So this month marks the final blog and we’ve taken a look at some of the best badges we recommended (and a few that we didn’t get to!)

  1. All the way back in August 2019, we brought back the series- our first badge was ‘Bushcraft’ which involved tracking animals in the woods, making our own rope and spending a night out under the stars
  2. Ellie composed a brilliant mini-series on her ‘Summer of Badges’, where she tried out some of the interesting badges we were looking at (including Entrepreneur, Festival Goer and Self-Care!)
  3. A few months later, in November, we took a look at the ‘Voting’ badge- we found out about our local parliament and took a lot at how to register. It fell in with UK Parliament week, where Ayushi wrote a blog all about her experience of the event too!
  4. In April, we celebrated our tenth badge ‘Genealogy’. We created some fantastic family trees, looked at the evolution of some very interesting species and created a selfie in an unconventional way.
  5. In May, we took a twist and looked at the set of Fareshare badges that you can earn. They involved making some lovely meals from our leftovers, fundraising for the charity and shouting out about food waste!

We hope you enjoyed embarking on this badge-tastic adventure with us over the last year and don’t forget, you can always read through our archive of blogs on our website!

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The Hive Team

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